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Obama wins!

Yes, he is the first black American in the Whitehouse. But let’s not let that swamp the major underlying currents. The reason that Sarah Palin was on the ticket is because the Religious Right, which is slightly over 25% of the electorate, lost Mike Huckabee in the Primaries. She was the least onerous of McCain’s choices and is probably what cost McCain the Presidency.

From this article:

One group that John McCain has held on to are evangelical Christians, who make up about one quarter of the electorate.

This group has voted by three-to-one for the Republicans despite attempts by Senator Obama to reach out to faith groups - little changed from the previous two elections.

Larry Sabato adds that Sarah Palin's nomination as vice-presidential candidate has helped secure this group for Mr. McCain.

However, she may have been a negative for his campaign as a whole.

Note that it is the only group that McCain has held on to. The Republican Primaries, together with the current result, speaks volumes against the moral Religious Right. The Religious wrongs need to be put in their proper place, out of politics. That political right does not equal moral right. It never has, outside a theocracy. However, the extreme right of the Republican party tried to convince all of us that, that wasn’t true. Political conservative is not anywhere near the same as a religious conservative.

The Republican Party needs to kick the Religious Right to the curb and get back to defending the US Constitution, rather than raping it. They need to drop the Right-to-Life nuts, along with the Intelligent Design whackos, into the same trash heap. The US is not a God-created Christian country and the First Amendment says that.

We are ruled by ethics and character, based on reason, and not faith. There are no God created rights, based on what some bush preacher hallucinated during a vision quest, in a desert, almost 3,000 years ago. There are secular rights, based on principles determined by what will actually harm, or not harm, others. All other considerations of moral right and wrong, like the proposed Marriage Amendment, are irrelevant, strictly voluntary, and they should not be made into law.

  • An individual’s right to make choices about their own body should not be infringed by some moralistic asshole who won’t have to live with the decision ((I am not just talking about the Anti-Abortion folks. I also intend this to cover all the other prohibitionist laws. All of the victimless crimes are only crimes in the eyes of the moral Religious Right. If there is no direct victim then, secularly, it isn’t a crime.)) .
  • Likewise, our science classes should not be preaching unsubstantiated mythology as a valid alternate theory. It only confuses the students between logic and faith, when they should be learning logic ((Besides, the Scopes Trial was lost decades ago.)) .

It is those sorts of issues that real Republicans, such as myself, rebelled against and what pushed Obama over the top. The Republican party needs to be paying attention to the lesson of the Obama win and act accordingly.

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