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can't we all just get along? (evidently not)

Tammy Houle, CPMN State party Chair:

It was a warm September evening when leadership from the Libertarian Party, the Constitution Party and five Ron Paul Republicans met at a Minnetonka restaurant to strategize about restoring Constitutional government in Minnesota. At least that was the perceived purpose for the meeting. Wayne Zimmerschied, vice-chairman of the CPMN and I, were on hand to represent our party. Because it was assumed that all in attendance were of a like-mind, dedicated to a renewal of liberty, albeit by different means, we were happy to sit down with this distinguished group of patriots.

After introductions were made around the table and food was ordered, the discussion got underway. However, it didn't start at a place we expected. The Republicans at the table proceeded with an attempt to convince those of us from the LP and CP that our only hope and best strategy was to channel our candidates into the GOP and have them run as Republicans. They tried to convince us that running a candidate outside the major two parties is simply wasted effort.

We sat quietly as they went on at length about this viewpoint. When an opening came for a chance to contribute to the dialogue, I had a question for these GOP advocates for which I wanted a straight answer. The question went like this: "If you have a really good liberty candidate seeking the endorsement of the GOP in a given race against a insider party hack (didn't matter which race), and your candidate failed to get the endorsement, what will be your plan B. Would you continue to support that liberty candidate in spite of them not getting the endorsement and therefore, go against the party hierarchy? Would you back that liberty candidate with a primary run against the endorsed candidate?"

Now remember, these were Ron Paul C4L Republicans sitting at the table with us. What do you think the answer was?

To our disillusionment, disappointment and disgust, they first tried to avoid answering the question, but when pushed for an answer, the one with the highest rank in the GOP admitted that they would get behind the party endorsed candidate and a primary run was not even an option to be considered. We were dumbfounded, (though we didn't show it outwardly at the time)! What happened to standing for principle? Were these the same people who have been trying to convince us that the GOP could/can be rectified? How in the world will going-along to get-along change anything in that corrupt party? That's just more of the same party politics that has driven so many from that cesspool of compromise.

Our hope in participating in this meeting was to find out what areas of the state the Ron Paul folks would have a good GOP candidate running or the LP would have a good candidate running, so we didn't put up a CP candidate to run in the same race and take votes away from those other liberty candidates. After all was said and done, at the close of this meeting, the LP and the CP were on working terms, but CP and the Ron Paul folks were not on the same page, maybe not even in the same play book. So much for building a coalition for the advancement of liberty.

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